How to write a paranormal novel series

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Gray Matter – 13 Tips for Writing Horror Fiction

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The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2015

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Urban Fantasy versus Paranormal Romance

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How to write a romance novel: Avoid romance writing mistakes

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Want to write the perfect horror story? Here are ten useful tips for you. familiarise yourself with the work of paranormal.

Next Book In The Series In The Works

If the book is part of a series, the publisher might well want to write a contract for a total of three books, each of which would have the same advance. After you have published a total of three books, unless the sales of your first book were unexpectedly good, you can negotiate for a.

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How to Write a Supernatural Story

Yes, you must write the story that’s in you to write. But when it comes time to market your work (or query it or even when uploading it to Amazon to publish), you need to be clear about genre and where your book fits into the larger market.

She is known for writing across genres, with paranormal, fantasy, and historical stories. Tracy Tappan has launched a new author site showcasing her books and writing for fans and new readers.

How to write a paranormal novel series
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How to Write Paranormal Romance: 10 Steps (with Pictures)