How to write a sine function in matlab

Matlab - graph of y=(sin(x)^2)/x^2

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Jul 12,  · Write three separate MATLAB functions to calculate the hyperbolic sine, cosine, and tangent functions:? Does anyone know how to write a hyperbolic sine function on MATLAB?

Matlab function to create sawtooth?Status: Resolved. For more information, see Run MATLAB Functions on a GPU (Parallel Computing Toolbox).

MATLAB Lesson 4 - Functions

Distributed Arrays Partition large arrays across the combined memory of. Vector Functions¶ Matlab makes it easy to create vectors and matrices.

The real power of Matlab is the ease in which you can manipulate your vectors and matrices. title(`y = sin(x)`) You will see a sinusoid on the graphics window.

The sinusoid is plotted for values of x between 0 and 2 p; the step between consecutive values of x is Feb 12,  · Welcome to PhysicsForums! In MATLAB, you generally work on arrays of data, not symbolic data (though you can do some symbolic tasks, and there's a whole symbolic toolbox that has the MAPLE kernel, if I recall correctly).

How to write a sine function in matlab
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Sine of argument in radians - MATLAB sin